WA BRASS Has paired up with the Entertainment Book!

We are currently accepting pre-orders for the 2019-2020 Entertainment Book. Pre-order now to enjoy a large range of bonus offers in additional to the standard Entertainment Book membership.

Click HERE to pre-order your 2019-2020 Entertainment Book now. 

You can also order the entertainment book directly from any WA BRASS Band Member.


I Want to Support WA BRASS but Don’t live in Perth? That’s just fine! The Entertainment book can be purchased through WA BRASS for a variety of locations around Australia, Just simply select the location closest to you.

How Much Does the Book Cost?  There is a once off membership fee for the 2019-2020 Entertainment Book, with prices ranging in value from $60- $70, depending on the chosen location. Metro Areas, such as Perth, are $70 per book (ie. digital or hard copy).

I Want to save paper, is the Entertainment Book environmentally friendly? The Entertainment book is available in a Hard Copy Book or in a Digital, Environmentally friendly format.

What does WA BRASS receive from this fundraising initiative? For every membership to the Entertainment Book, WA BRASS receives a portion of the sales. Your support goes a long way to providing the band with new music to perform, new Musical Instruments and equipment, such as music stands, uniforms, banners.




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