WA Brass

Australian Brass Band National Championships 2019 - Brisbane

WA Brass have been ‘A’ Grade champions in Western Australia since 1979. The ensemble prides itself on performing music with sparkle and panache. For nearly 60 years WA Brass have provided music of the highest quality from formal concerts to informal gigs.

Christmas carol lyrics for the Brass on the Grass concert

Our band is proudly licensed with OneMusic Australia. Music creators deserve to get paid when we play their music! 🎵

1 thought on “WA Brass

  1. Hi, I’m over from England visiting my son in Perth for a few weeks. I play with a Championship band in Yorkshire and used to be a Musical Director. I thought it would be nice if I could possibly visit a rehearsal or two whilst I am here or perhaps even have a blow, if you had a spare cornet. To be fair I haven’t played for 3 weeks so will be a bit rusty. My last job in England was helping Grimethorpe at Brass in Concert and ended up with a sore lip. Love to hear from you.
    Many thanks Derek Renshaw

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