world famous!

As WA’s premiere A-grade brass band, WA Brass has performed with many world-famous musicians. Here are just a few of them:

David Helfgott

World-famous Australian pianist – the movie Shine is based on his life.

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Allen Vizutti

American trumpeter Allen Vizutti is one of the world’s most astonishing virtuosos of the instrument.

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Dr Robert Childs

Robert was a world-famous euphonium soloists whilst still a teenager. Since then he’s gone on to be a brass band superstar, taking Wales’s Cory Band to no.1 ranking in the world. Robert took RASWA Brass to within a hair’s breadth of winning the 2013 Yamaha Australian National Band Championships.

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David Childs

Son of Robert Childs, David is already carving out a stellar career as a euphonium soloist

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Riki McDonnell

New Zealander Riki McDonnell is a world-renowned euphonium player and regular soloist with WA Brass

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Brett Baker

Brett is a household name in the world of brass. He has been principal trombonist of the Black Dyke Band for 14 years and is known worldwide as a trombone soloist.

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James Morrison

Virtuoso on the trumpet (and just about every other instrument you care to mention) James Morrison is a legend on the Australian and worldwide brass scene, as well as being a renowned jazz performer.

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