Way Back Weekend

It’s the weekend!  So that means it’s Way Back Weekend time.

From the archives here are some happy snaps of the Band on stage Way Back at last year’s National Competition.  We placed 2nd overall under the Baton of Dr Robert Childs, the band’s best overall placement in our history.  #Proud

Jump forward to 2014 and we are working up our competition campaign for the State Band Festival in Bunbury in June.  Our program is demanding and fast fingers are required!  Head over to the WABA website to read further info about the Festival.

fernLong term the band has decided to travel to NZ to compete in their 2015 National Competition in Rotorua (the place with all those bubbling mud pools).  The road to NZ is a long one with planning starting now to ensure we’re at our best to compete against our quaver counterparts across the ditch.  Plus we get a band trip away.  BAND TRIP!  More updates will appear on our website so stay subscribed to keep informed.  #BandTrip

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