Lotterywest Grant

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the State Government, through Lotterywest made available grants to community based, not-for-profit groups like WA Brass for immediate financial assistance due to the impact of COVID-19.

WA Brass was successful in our grant application and the amount we received replaced our lost income for cancelled engagements, and covered the expenses the band incurred through it’s involvement in the cancelled national Band Championships to be held in Perth.

This was fantastic for the band as it ensured we could continue to operate and plan activities beyond COVID 19 and into next year, when hopefully things would return to normal.

WA Brass would like to thank the State Government, the Hon. Mark McGowan MLA and Lotterywest for making these grants available. The granthas kept the band financial and able to function this year almost as if nothing had changed.

WA Brass

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